InteXen™ Porcine Dermal Matrix- InteXen is a sterile, chemically treated, pyrogen free, non-perforated porcine skin. InteXen is indicated for use in the treatment of hernias where the connective tissue has ruptured or for implantation to reinforce soft tissues in urological, gynecological and gastroenterological anatomy. This includes pubourethral support, urethral and vaginal prolapse repair, colon and rectal prolapse repair, reconstruction of the pelvic floor, bladder support, tissue repair, and sacrocolposuspension.

Features and Intended Benefits

  • Tissue Integration
    The non-crosslinked collagen matrix facilitates tissue integration, remodeling, and rebuilding. A physician follow-up study of 312 patients treated for incontinence (average of 7 months post implant) showed a 91% procedural success rate with no erosion or rejection.
  • Strength
    InteXen provides superior strength (28% greater than Pelvicol) and greater suture retention (46% greater than Pelvicol).
  • Convenience
    InteXen is available in a number of sizes. InteXen may be stored at room temperature.
  • Safety
    InteXen is chemically processed to inactivate all proteins and prions and undergoes irradiation for terminal sterilization. InteXen meets ISO biocompatibility testing requirements.

InteXen is distributed world-wide by American Medical Systems for more information please contact their customer service department at 1-800-328-3881 or fax 952-930-6654