The BiomarC® Breast Tissue Marker is indicated for the radiographical marking of soft tissue at a surgical site during a surgical procedure or for future surgical procedures. The BiomarC® Breast Tissue Marker is a sterile, MRI compatible marker that is available as individually packaged units or in pre-loaded delivery devices that can deliver the mark in conjunction with commercially available biopsy devices. Over 3 million radiopaque markers are used annually in the U.S.

Features and Benefits

  • Visibility
    BiomarC® is visible under x-ray, mammography. Fluoroscopy, kV, CT, MRI as well as ultrasound. The unique shape of BiomarC® contributes to its' radiographic visibility
  • Safety
    BiomarC® has been tested for Magnetic Resonance Imaging safety at 3.0 Tesla field strength. The pyrolytic carbon coating has exceptional biocompatibility.
  • Convenience
    A number of packaging options are available. Pre-loaded delivery devices are available in either an end or side delivery for use with many common biopsy devices.


For more information about BiomarC® Breast Tissue Marker, contact Carbon Medical Technologies at 651-653-8512