Lumpectomy Fiducial

BiomarC® Restore

Lumpectomy Fiducial Marker 

BiomarC Restore is a Lumpectomy Fiducial Marker that is intended to be implanted into the body to accurately mark tissue and act as a distinctive reference point during stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and radiotherapy target localization. This marker consists of Carbon Medical Technologies BiomarC Enhanced Fiducial marker that is contained within a lyophilized glucan carrier gel. The BiomarC Enhanced Fiducial marker is ceramic coated in pyrolytic carbon which provides exceptional visibility and biocompatibility for permanent implantation. The lyophilized glucan carrier gel is a malleable material designed to maintain the markers position within the surgical cavity. BiomarC Restore is placed during an open surgical procedure and is visible on kV X-ray, CT, CBCT, mammography, ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

BiomarC Restore will be available in multiple size/shape configurations. This product is currently cleared by the FDA and will be launching in 2022.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural, non-metal composition
  • Designed to provide patient with comfort
  • Maintains the precise placement of the BiomarC Enhanced
  • Provides a clear and accurate mark of distinction
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The Marker

BiomarC® Enh

The BiomarC Enhanced marker is contained within lyophilized glucan carrier gel. The BiomarC Enhanced marker is designed for customers who use MRI treatment planning and for soft tissue localization using kV Imaging. This marker provides superior reference for MRI image fusion and is manufactured with a low-density nonmetallic material.


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