BiomarC ® Restore used to hold fiducial marker within surgical cavity after Lumpectomy Procedures

During a surgical procedure doctors may remove tissue from the body leaving the patient with a surgical cavity, such as after a Lumpectomy.

A Lumpectomy may be performed as a treatment option for early-stage breast cancer and can be used for cancer diagnosis. It is an open surgical procedure done to remove cancer or other abnormal tissue from a women’s breast leaving a surgical cavity. Typically, doctors will place a fiducial marker within the surgical cavity to identify the surgical site and localize radiation therapy treatment. However, the marker can move within the surgical cavity.

BiomarC Restore, a lumpectomy fiducial marker, is designed to position the marker in the cavity created during a lumpectomy surgery in order to hold BiomarC Enhanced Fiducial Marker in place. This ensures that the lumpectomy site can be identified by a patient’s physician on different imaging modalities and be used to help target radiation therapy treatment.


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