Our Technology

Carbon Medical Technologies (CMT) has exclusive access to a proprietary pyrolytic carbon-coating process that is implemented in the design and manufacture of implantable medical devices for multiple minimally invasive applications.

what makes us unique

Pyrolytic carbon is a very hard, glassy form of carbon produced in a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process which takes place at temperature of more than 2000 °F. When a hydrocarbon (e.g. methane, propane, acetylene) is introduced to an oxygen free coating chamber at these temperatures, the molecule decomposes and deposits a pure carbon coating onto the available surfaces.

The strength, high wear resistance, thromboresistance, and biocompatibility of pyrolytic carbon make it an ideal agent for numerous medical device applications. Since the 1970s, pyrolytic carbon has been used in millions of heart valve replacement procedures. In the 1980s, its use was expanded into orthopedics and grew over the years to include various other novel medical applications. 

Pyrolytic Carbon Coating Technology at CMT

Today, CMT utilizes this proprietary pyrolytic carbon-coating technology to produce injectable bulking agents, a line of implantable tissue markers for the identification of biopsy sites and a line of fiducial markers for radiation therapy treatment planning. There are endless possibilities to apply the pyrolytic carbon-coating technology to implantable medical devices.


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